joi, 23 noiembrie 2017


Now, when the Romanians on both sides of the Prut are in mourning, I think the great artist Gheorghe Urschi. A very little known actor in Romania. A genius of comedy. His words are valid for the current government in Chisinau.

luni, 20 noiembrie 2017

The comedy is over

The masquerade on the referendum on the dismissal of Chirtoaca is over. The result is clear !! Socialists lost in Chisinau. Too much money. Those millions will also be paid by people.
     People have shown that I do not believe in the lies of the socialists. They're already sick of lies. Who voted? Nostalgic speakers of Russian language. Retired. The suburb, as always, saved everything. Here was a geopolitical confrontation. A confrontation from which, surprisingly, he won the Romanian language. The character of the day is Ana Nichita. The one who gave the ballot to Dodon. He had the extraordinary courage to tell Dodon that he is Romanian. . She's the character of the day. I'm sure we'll hear about it in politics. He has a lot to say.
    It seems that the Socialists fail to understand that they will not have Chisinau. It would have been very serious to lose Chisinau. What will they do? I'm sure they will not stop here. But that's for our sake. It could mean the beginning of the end for PSRM.

sâmbătă, 14 octombrie 2017

An important visit to Dodon only

Dodon is back in Russia. It's like it's a novelty! Will it be in Bucharest and Kiev when it's going to go? He and his socialists consider this to be a great victory. The news is widely publicized by the Dodon press in Chisinau.
It is a great joy for the socialists.
       What is reality? The reality is that the Russian press did not even talk about it. In Russia, we know there is no independent press. That means Dodon does not matter to Putin. Putin just uses it. This visit is important only to Dodon. The truth is that nothing has changed since Dodon's visits to Moscow. The embargo was not lifted.

sâmbătă, 7 octombrie 2017

Noi suntem români

Noi suntem români ! Din păcate noi suntem români ! Simona Halep a devenit azi numărul 1 mondial. Sunt mândru ! Din păcate nu sunt mândru cu unii dintre români. Am citit niște postări pe facebook de toată jena. Scria cum că Halep ar fi făcut blat cu chinezii. Că n-a avut concurență puternică. Voi cine sunteți mă ? De voi n-a auzit nici dracu !!! Ce ați realizat voi mă în viață ? Nu degeaba e bancul ăla cu românii în cazanul din iad. Mă simt mândru cu Halep, dar cu voi mi-e scârbă !

miercuri, 4 octombrie 2017

I have learned that in life I have to wait for reward only from God.

I have learned that in life I have to wait for reward only from God. Not from people. That's because people forget the good done. With a few small exceptions. I have already experienced many disappointments in this respect. Cases of people, and from Chisinau, for whom I struggled to get better. Not only did they not thank me, they turned my back on me and they also spoke words of reproach. Many people have arrived where they came through me. The problem is they have forgotten where they left and who helped them. The better I know people, the more animals they love. But it is a Romanian proverb that says the wheel is round. I invite them to enjoy being up and thank God for showing their true hideous face.