miercuri, 16 august 2017

I am a great old man.

I am a great old man. Why ? A bookstore opened in town a few days ago. They call it a bookstore. I would just tell him the store. I went in and see what they got. Just school supplies. No books or CDs. I went to a supermarket in Săcele. There, on a shelf, there were some books. Great wonder! People did not even look at books. Next to me were some school-age children with their mother. I, like a fool of what I am, I was browsing a few books. Children were praying for their mother to buy them, I do not know what computer helmets. That's to hear better when playing a game. So I came to the sad conclusion that the Romanian is no longer reading. The Romanian has become a species that believes everything is told on television or on the internet. The brain has become a luxury item for us. We keep it like a bibel. How did we  keep the bibles during Ceausescu's time. It is talked about the opening of a Russian television in Romania. I am afraid that Russian propaganda will have a fulminating success in Romania.

luni, 14 august 2017

Racism is evil

Mr Trump, stop racism! America is the land of all possibilities. Everyone has the right to live. The color of the skin does not matter. Black people are wonderful. I love them. Racism is bad for everyone. I want a planet that all people can live on. Regardless of ethnicity, race, language, skin color. I want a happy planet. America is the country that is an example for the whole planet. STOP RACISM !!!!

At the end time

"At the end time, fornication will be on the high road, on the big day without any shame; Girls will have services to raise their feet for their bosses; There will be tears in all homes and worries for work, "says Father Argata

Who has the courage to contradict this priest? Great righteousness has! We see that we are living those times. That's exactly what the girls do.

sâmbătă, 12 august 2017

Bana her şeyi söylediğim tek arkadaşım ve bana

Bana her şeyi söylediğim tek arkadaşım ve bana ihanet etmeyeceğine eminim ki Allah'tır. Sadece herkesin ve ailenin sevgisine inanıyorum. Gerisi finansal çıkar. Kız para kazanmak için bir çıkmaza girer. Kızlar adamın parasını çok seviyorlar..

vineri, 11 august 2017

The world has serious problems

The world has serious problems. Two fools threaten each other with the nuclear war. If China intervenes, then it will be the Third World War. Romanian seismologists are alert. Vrancea can produce an earthquake of over 8 on the Richter scale. That while some continue to make crises on the Trianon theme. Awakening !! Do you think I'm going to sit down thinking about your crap when the nuclear war begins or when there's an earthquake?

joi, 10 august 2017

I ask for your help

I ask for your help. I want to publish my editorials in the United States. I've sent a lot of publications. Nothing! Who can help me ? I want something serious! That somebody else has been lying to help me and has done nothing. He just boasted.

The issue of a new conflict on the Dniester - Between reality and media manipulation.

Several days ago, a news stating that it would be a military challenge on August 5. In fact, nothing happened.
We, worldwide, are in a war of manipulation and false news. A psychological warfare. Everyone can fall victim to this war.
In this case, the agencies, press trusts and absolutely respectable portals fell victim.
But I do not exclude that this false news was aimed at testing or training the population at the mental level.
But what is the real situation? The head of state, who is also the supreme commander, is not in the country. Someone or something keeps him longer with holidays. The problem is that anyway Dodon would not give a warrant against the Russians. Defense Minister does not exist. Anatol Shalaru was dismissed a few months ago. They did not find a replacement. This is worse than in 1992. At least then they had a minister. The army would be clearly destabilized.
Dodon's socialists scream, in Parliament and on TV, against Romania. The problem is that he screams with his Romanian passport in his pocket. No socialist, of those with a Romanian passport, does not give up. Why ? Because they want to live well. To go on holidays in the European Union. But I lie to people and tell them what a good Customs Union is.
The geographical proximity of Romania is a great luck for them.For all the inhabitants of the Republic of Moldova. This is because Romania is a member of the EU and NATO. Russia does not allow itself at the NATO border.
Because if, by mistake. Romania is attacked, this would mean activating Article 5
We have all seen what Donald Trump has just told a TVR journalist.
Plus, let's not forget that behind Transnistria is Ukraine. Russia would not have a military supply path